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Pediatric critical care
Pediatric Critical Care

We  currently provide coverage in
3 states. we cover units of various
sizes and types.



Pediatric Acute
Pediatric Acute Care

We meet the specialized physiologic
and psychological needs of pediatric
patients with acute and chronic health


Pediatric ER     
  Pediatric ED

We provide care to children with
acute illnesses and injuries requiring
immediate medical attention.


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telehealth final2
Pediatric Telehealth Services

We provide telehealth services for
pediatrics in ICU, ER, Acute care
and primary care.

The Leader

          in Critical Care Management and Consulting

ICU-centric company offering additional expertise in PAC/HM. Pediatric ED, expert opinions and legal consultation.

              We are privately owned and solely managed by our physician members. We have extensive academic and business experience including master's degrees in addition to our medical degrees.

Our group currently consists of over 20 experienced physicians, who have previously or currently work in Pediatric Intensive Care Units of all clinical mixes.

We provide safe, superior quality care to critically ill children in multiple Pediatric Intensive Care Units in several states.

Yousuf Hassan
Dr. M.Yousuf Hasan MD. Current Position(s) Assistant Professor of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine Pediatric Critical Care Physician at Texas Children’s Hospital Cr...
dr taj
Dr. Taj Khan MD. He has more than 29 years of experience in the field of pediatrics and 17 years in pediatric critical care medicine. He is board certified in both General Pediatrics and Pediatric Cri...
Dr. Mahmood H. Khichi MD FAAP MBA. He is Board Certified in Pediatrics and Pediatric Critical Care Medicine. He also has MBA-Health care. He completed Pediatric Residency at Children’s Hospital...
Dr. Rangasamy Anand MBBS, MRCP (UK). He had been a practicing Pediatric Intensivist since 2008. Initially, he worked as an intensivist at Valley Baptist Medical Center, Harlingen TX in a 14 bed PICU....
Dr. N.H Salman MD. He has more than 25 years of experience in the field of pediatrics and pediatric critical care medicine. He is Board certified in Pediatrics, Pediatric Critical Care and Hospice Pal...

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