Company Profile


We are privately owned and solely managed by our physician members. We have extensive academic and business experience including master's degrees in addition to our Medical degrees. We have the knowledge, skill, experience and overall expertise which allows us continued success in this rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Our group currently consists of over 20 experienced physicians (5-18 years experience each) who have previously or currently work in Pediatric Intensive Care Units of all clinical mixes, from community to quaternary academic hospitals. All of our experienced physicians are board certified at a minimum in both Pediatrics and Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, with some in Pediatric Hospice and Palliative Care Medicine as well. We match our physician skill and experience to your hospital's unique needs.

We provide safe, superior quality care to critically ill children in multiple pediatric intensive care units in several states, and are, of course, pleased to offer professional references upon your request. Our decades of experience range from starting/opening brand new Pediatric ICUs as well as managing established units of varying capacities. We are actively continuing our expansion as more quality Pediatric Critical Care physicians are needed across the country due to increasing demand to meet the shortfall of our subspecialty.

Because of our partnership based model, professionalism, work ethic, and the highest regard for quality and safe patient care, we seek to partner with health care systems or hospitals desiring to expand their pediatric services. Given our large physician membership with multiple state licenses, we are able to assist to cover many units, including urgently, as needed.

We also have more than a decade of experience with large national hospital systems such as HCA, and are currently providing PICU coverage in an ongoing fashion. Some of our physicians have several years of experience working within the Tenet system as well. Again, we would be pleased to provide references and contact information of administrative personnel of the hospital systems where our physicians are currently providing quality care.